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Flexible and scalable IT talent management

The Bluenet IT Staff Augmentation Services provide flexible and scalable IT Staff Augmentation to our clients. By leveraging our hybrid approach and combining technical resources pool from both off-shore and on-shore, we can fully customize our IT staffing services to fit your current requirements.

The Resource Management Team provides talented technology resources to meet diverse project requirements. No matter if you are shorthanded, need additional IT resources on your team, or lack technical skills for an upcoming initiative, we can help. To meet the needs of your core business, our technical resources offer expertise across a wide range of disciplines and technologies. They can step in at any stage of your project by enhancing performance and improving productivity.

The Bluenet IT Staff Augmentation Services are designed to provide the following benefits to our clients:

Elimination of employment overhead


No infrastructure investment 


Reducing time spent on recruitment


Elimination of geographical barriers

When it comes to meeting our client’s excess IT resourcing needs, Bluenet provides 2 different resourcing models:
  1. 1 IT Delivery Team

    Under this model, we build an autonomous technical team capable of rapidly and efficiently delivering end-to-end technology solution to our clients.

  2. 2 IT Extended Team

    Under this model, we provide subject matter expert(s) (SME) and/or specialized technical resource(s) as a valuable addition to your internal IT organization.

Adding Bluenet's expertise to your existing IT organization is a powerful combination that extends your IT support staff and capabilities – as needed, when needed.

Regardless of the resourcing model, our technical resources are accustomed to many situations and computing environments. Likewise, they bring high-quality and valuable knowledge to your IT projects. The Bluenet IT Staff Augmentation Services and our Managed Services offer our clients diverse approaches. They ensure that your best practices stay current and boost collaboration through exchanging technical perspectives.

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