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Hospitality and Entertainment

We work with hospitality and entertainment companies to enable technological advancements that help industry professionals deliver faster and better quality service to their customers. Our goal is to arm our clients in the hospitality and entertainment business with the right tools and technologies, so that they can continue to deliver top-notch customer experience.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

With technology, consumers' needs can be met in a new way through digital transformation in healthcare. We are committed to changing the way we look at healthcare. New technologies can improve lives, enhance medical data collection, aid in decision-making, and help medical professionals provide faster and more accurate diagnoses. We are pleased to assist our clients in taking advantage of these capabilities and improving the quality of life for their patients.


Some of the data and analytics solutions we successfully delivered for our healthcare clients are as follows: Patient Profiling and Billing Analytics.

Retail and Consumer Goods

At Bluenet, Retail and Consumer Goods are one of the largest target markets we serve. Thus, years of accumulated  retail experiences enables us to provide our clients access to near real-time shopping measurements to determine the impact of advertising campaigns and allows them to increase and maintain market share in key regions by discovering geographical areas with high or low market share. 

Some of the data and analytics solutions we successfully delivered for our retail and consumer goods clients are as follows: Market Basket Analytics, Demand Forecasting, Store Sales and Profitability Analytics, Promotion Effectiveness Analytics, Sales Coupon Analytics, Product Inventory Management, Store Scheduling Analytics, and Customer Loyalty & Journey Analytics.

Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services

In the banking and insurance markets, we provide clients with comprehensive technology solutions to enable them to offer competitive solutions, sharpen strategy through data, guarantee data integrity, and create automated reporting processes to aid in productivity. Our background in financial markets gives us an edge in better understanding and responding to the needs of our clients through solutions built to outlast the challenges of today.


Some of the data and analytics solutions we successfully delivered for our banking and insurance clients are as follows: Branch and Online Sales Analysis, Loan Analytics, Fraud Detection, Customer 360 Profiling, Credit Risk analytics, Risk Modeling, Internet Banking Product Utilization.


Nowadays, technology has enabled people of all ages to gain access to knowledge and opportunities they would not otherwise have. This is especially true after the impact of Covid-19. Bluenet supports the advancement of such technologies by effectively blending student, course, tuition, facility and instructor data for the sole purpose of providing data-driven decision-making culture across educational institutions.


Some of the data and analytics solutions we successfully delivered for our education clients are as follows: New Student Admission & Enrollment Analytics, Admission to Enrollment Conversion Analytics, Student Retention Analytics, Faculty Financial Planning and Budgeting, Alumni & Donor Analytics, and Student & Alumni Profiling.

Energy, Utility and Telecom

Our technological solutions in the energy field and telecommunications industry help global utility and energy companies improve their operations through the power of digital advancement. Bluenet works with the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries to drive positive change within the energy sector to support sustainability and innovation.


Transportation and Logistics

From sea transportation to railroad, Bluenet assists clients in transportation through understanding, identification, and partnership. We take transportation and public safety seriously. Ultimately, we are responsible for helping your team identify the problems that are causing productivity issues, low customer satisfaction, a lack of automation, and stagnation. Once we uncover your organization's challenges together, we deliver the solutions your organization requires to ensure safety and speed.


Some of the data and analytics solutions we successfully delivered for our transportation and logistics clients are as follows: Lane Profitability Analytics, On-Time Shipment Tracker & NCR Analytics, Fleet Utilization Analytics, Fleet Compliance Analytics, Driver Safety Analytics, Driver Compensation Analytics, Fuel Profitability Analytics, and Repair Analytics.


Manufacturers are building back quickly despite significant labor and supply chain challenges faced as a result of the pandemic. To better handle the transition into the post-pandemic era, manufacturers should continue to advance sustainability priorities while benefiting from digitalization. The ongoing advances in digital transformation, automation, and data & analystics play a significant role in the future of manufacturing industries. Our clients can get there faster with our help as manufacturing goes digital.


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