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Managed IT services customized to your needs

Bluenet Managed IT Service Line is designed to help our clients with 24/7 support and proactive maintenance of their Business Analytics (BA) and OLTP database platforms at a fixed monthly rate. We custom tailor our managed services per client by considering their unique requirements.

These services bring increased efficiency & competitiveness, reduced labor costs, reduced risk, and improved compliance & security to our clients.

While our experienced team proactively manages our clients’ mission-critical analytics and database platforms, our clients can focus on their core business and further improve their bottom line.

Bluenet Managed IT Services Line comprises of
3 cornerstone service offerings, each of which complements the other:

  1. 1 Support

    24/7 Support for your Business Analytics (BA) & OLTP Database platform

  2. 2 Maintenance

    Proactive maintenance and monitoring of your Business Analytics (BA) & OLTP Database Platform

  3. 3 Ad-Hoc Development

    Ongoing development and project work related to your Business Analytics (BA) investment


    For each service offering, we provide dedicated and experienced technical resources to get the job done for our clients.

    • Software License
    • Subscription
    • Sales and Renewals
    • One-Stop-Shop for All Your Software License Purchases
    • Annual Subscription Renewal
    • Managed DBA
    • Services
    • 24/7 Database Administration Services
    • ETL & Data Transformation Monitoring
    • Continuous OLTP Tune-Up and Optimization
    • Routine Patch Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Managed
    • Business Analytics
    • Services
    • 24/7 Business Analytics Platform Monitoring
    • Proactive maintenance of your Business Analytics (BA) Platform
    • Cost-Effective and Fllexible New Business Analytics (BA) Development Capabilities

Proactive support through unique infrastructure and dedicated staff

Our Managed IT Services cover all the known Business Analytics (BA) tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Cognos, Looker, MicroStrategy, and ThoughtSpot. We also cover all the known RDMS platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2. Finally, our Managed Services cover both on-prem and in-cloud platforms.

Unlike many other Managed Service Providers (MSP), our managed IT services come with a unique infrastructure, dedicated staff, well established SLAs, and a Help Desk organization solely dedicated to providing Managed Business Analytics (BA) and Database Administration (DBA) Services. We are proud to retain managed services clients in our portfolio since our establishment as clear indicator of the quality and value of our services offering.

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