Salesforce Testing

We are the preferred choice for diverse clients in creating robust business applications in Salesforce CRM and Vlocity, that are secure, scalable, maintainable and future-ready. With advanced tools and automation procedures, Bluenet ensures that our client's time-to-market is accelerated.

Managed Services

The current IT leaders have been constantly looking out for ways to cut costs, improve operational efficiency and eventually build progressive business value. Even though they are proactive in their approach, IT landscape is constantly changing at breakneck speed and posing new challenges at every inflection point.


With our customer focused automation capabilities and on-demand integration tools, Bluenet significantly trims your maintenance costs. Whether you want to align the demands of IT to business strategy or to enhance IT service delivery - we at Bluenet assure you excellence all through the way.


At Bluenet, we understand the intricacies of the pressing matters and mentor the clients on where to keep the lights on and where to keep them off. Through Managed Services, Bluenet enables our clients to keep their eyes on the profitable matters of the business. We make our clients engage on delivering high impact activities while we take care of their mundane maintenance and support tasks to upkeep the projects at affordable costs.


From business prototyping to enterprise application development and from mobile application development to 24/7 support & customization, Bluenet helps our customers in salesforce CRM services.

We understand the client pain points in technology adoption and progressive workflow management. Hence, we leverage the trending technologies and package solutions that are cost-efficient which thereby help boost your business value.

Integration & Data Services

As the existing data keeps growing exponentially & exploding rapidly, organizations need to integrate diverse sources of data.

In/outbound Integration

"With the plethora of tools available, it demands deep understanding of these platforms to cope up and swiftly yet smoothly integrate data from various sources. The Inbound & Outbound Integration tools and techniques used by Bluenet help clients to seamlessly connect and integrate multi platform data with Salesforce CRM."

API Integration

"API Integration calls for a different breed of machinery that enables APIs to speak to each other seamlessly. Bluenet steps in and helps the clients in showcasing diverse tools of data integration, and rightly suggests the perfect match and executes the integration effectively. Whether it is combining data from heterogeneous data sources or devising a new solution for intricate data integration, Bluenet understands your APIs and guides you at every step in crafting a customized API integration services framework."

3rd Party Data Integration

Bluenet understands and guides clients when to go for a 3rd party data integration and how to do it effortlessly. Bluenet uses the advanced tools & technologies that integrate 3rd party data with rightful medium. Some of the data integration Vendors Bluenet is associated with, can help connect critical enterprise and business applications to provide seamless experience.


Bluenet designs and develops Applications under our umbrella of Managed Services. With the plethora of tools available, it demands deep understanding of these Application platforms to swiftly yet smoothly provide Application Services that can scale to the next level.

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