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Alabama 811 Has Joined Bluenet's Call Center Data Analytics Platform

24 August 2022,

Bluenet is pleased to announce that, effective August 11th, 2022, Alabama 811 has joined its network of 811 organizations for the Call Center Data Analytics Platform. The Bluenet-hosted cloud-based analytics platform was built by the Bluenet Team using ThoughtSpot and Google BigQuery. The platform first launched for Georgia 811 back in July 2021. Since then, Mississippi 811 and Tennessee 811 organizations have joined this shared cloud-based analytics platform. 


"We are extremely happy to have Alabama 811 join our cloud-analytics platform. And we are also looking forward to adding other 811 states into our network before the end of 2022," said Hilmi Alphan Ozturk, Managing Director of Bluenet. 


Alabama 811 is state recognized underground damage prevention notification center for Alabama representing over 600 underground utility operators across the state. Contacting Alabama 811 is the first step to help prevent damage to underground utilities and service disruptions during excavation activities. These underground facilities include such services as water and wastewater lines, gas lines, electric lines, and communications cables. Utilizing Alabama 811 is vital to maintaining safe communities and protecting our environment. 


Bluenet’s call center analytics platform provides seamless access to internal and external users of each 811 organization by giving instant access to aggregated summary analytics data and row-level detail at the ticket level to improve communication and collaboration. 


By using this platform, 811 organizations will have better visibility to: 

• Emergency tickets analysis and trending 

• Damage tickets and damaged prevention activities 

• Ticket Volume and Trending Analysis 

• Geospatial Call Center data at the county, zip code, and lat/long levels 

• Time and Day Distribution and Allocation of Daily Ticket Volume for better Call Center Staffing 


Bluenet greatly enhances the value of call center analytics for all of its users. Annette Bowman, Alabama 811 Executive Director, believes by utilizing Bluenet’s technology, Alabama 811 and its members have a better analysis tool resulting in a more in-depth knowledge of operational trends, damage analytics, legislative impacts and other data sets to assist with continual improvement of operational activities and damage prevention initiatives. 


We will continue to invest in this revolutionary platform and carry on the vision of adding other 811 states into our network in the upcoming years. 


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