Infrastructure & Systems Integration

Most organizations that Bluenet works with have been around for a number of years and as such have an existing technology footprint that is in need of attention either due to currency, compliance, desire to integrate with new and exciting technologies, optimization goals, or simply to take stock of things and determine a roadmap. Bluenet Infrastructure & Systems Integration services provides enterprises with the experiences and advisement to make sense of the confusing landscape of blending today’s existing technology investments with contemporary advancements to enable businesses to achieve their goals and remain relevant in today’s highly competitive business environment

Our Infrastructure & Systems Integration practice is comprised of industry veterans with real life experience in dealing with everything from moves and migrations to technology refresh and incorporation of new technology. Today’s enterprises are almost always dealing with desperate islands of technology, technology debt, and legacy while trying to leverage new and exciting advancements. Our team of infrastructure and systems integration practitioners can assist organizations to make sense of the confusing landscape through the following offerings:

  • Assessments, planning, refresh of technology and Strategy
  • Data protection, archiving, Disaster Recovery planning and implementation
  • Licensing mgmt., optimization, compliance, financial modeling and strategy
  • Network integration, optimization, and rationalization
  • Security, Audit and Privacy Solutions
  • Moves, Migrations and systems integration with newer patterns & technologies
  • Operations and Support modernization

Bluenet has helped organization execute on technology strategy to deliver M&A agendas, optimization of existing technology footprints and introduce new technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Big Data, and AI. It is very rare that customers of Bluenet are dealing with a green fields situation. These is always something to integrate with or rationalize that is already existing. This is where Bluenet differentiates itself of having been in the trenches and having helped customers deal with the realities and complexities of systems integration and operations.

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