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Data Acquisition and Analysis - Retail Industry

About Client :

Florida based retailer with 300 locations needed to improve data acquisition and analysis 


Problem Statement:  

A large specialty retailer with more than 300 locatons in 6 states. Each location is running its own version of Microsoft based POS system. Data is collected each night from stores and consolidated in a single data warehouse on-prem. The whole cycle takes 8 hours.



  • Each store has its own product catalog POS systems running on old DB platforms
  • The data replication happens in sequence versus in parallel



  • Upgraded the POS system databases in batch mode to be able to create replication services
  • Created a consolidated Datawarehouse with data cleansing and aggregation rules
  • As a result the store data started to be replicated in the Datawarehouse in real time
  • Executive team has access to real time dashboards to drive company into better sales performance


Tool Stack: Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Cognos, Microsoft SSIS

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