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Application Development within a Pharmacy Organization

About Client:

The Bluenet Team provided end-to-end application development services to WorkComp Pharmacy Benefit Management (BPM) provider to design patient friendly web-portal aimed to drive a better patient experience, applying smart technology for improved decision making.



  • Start-up organization aiming to create market disruption via peer-to-peer prescription platform
  • Time pressure to comply with pre-committed go-live date
  • External users security compliance and security driven workflow processes for highly sensitive clinical data and claims processing
  • Ability to apply machine learning (ML) to analyze prescribing patterns and to automate the routing/decision making process
  • Ability for accessibility to a nationwide network of retail pharmacies



Cloud hosted web-portal providing role based secure accessibility to patients, adjustors and management Instant exporting of the historical prescription orders into excel, cvs and PDF Real-time reporttng & analytics for improved clinical oversight Patient-centric adjudication platform.

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