Bluenet is pleased to announce Wayne Chemy as a key addition to its team

Thursday Sep 05, 2019

Bluenet is pleased to announce the addition of Wayne Chemy to its team as VP of Infrastructure and transformative technologies. Wayne comes to Bluenet with over 25 years of experience delivering solutions in financial services, startups, service providers, and vendor communities. As a trusted advisor and systems integrator, he has aided enterprises to rationalize the operational needs and realities of today while leveraging the possibilities of new technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, and AI. Whether it is dealing with the extreme time demands of M&A activities or assisting businesses to leverage new technologies to make themselves relevant, Wayne Chemy brings a wealth of experiences to the table to drive customer success.

Wayne’s past accomplishments and projects are many varying in size and complexity. Most recently he headed up the technology integration of TD Bank’s $100M acquisition of AI startup Layer6 that served as a catalyst to usher in hybrid Cloud services into the Bank provided by AWS and Azure. This project also included systems integration efforts with TD’s multi petabyte Data Lake. Prior to TD, Wayne provided senior technical direction and implementation expertise as Element Fleet executed on its M&A strategies, divestitures, off shore activities, and digitization efforts. Since 2014 Element has grown to become the world’s largest fleet management company acquiring such names as PHH Arval and GE Fleet for $1.4 B and $6.9 B respectively. These acquisitions brought with it large integration projects of several field offices, networks and Data Centers that Wayne Chemy provided senior leadership and direction for.

"One of the most important objectives at Bluenet is to attract the right people to move our company forward, drive growth and deliver results for our customers. With these goals in mind, I am thrilled to welcome Wayne Chemy to the Bluenet team” says Kerem Koca . “Talent with this level real world experience with infrastructure and systems integration know-how is hard to find and will be a valuable asset to Bluenet and our customer base as we help propel them forward leveraging new foundational and transformative technologies.”

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