Bluenet Technologies and Aréte Consulting Services Announce Planned Merger of Business Operations

Monday July 16, 2018

Bluenet Technologies and Aréte Consulting Services have announced the planned merger of their all their business operations to provide broader services in technology, analytics, testing and managed services to their current clients and prospects. Moving forward, the combined entity will operate under the Bluenet name.

Founded in 2004, Bluenet Technologies is an end-to-end service provider with capabilities in Business Intelligence and Data Management, including data warehouse/data mart design and creation, reporting and analytics applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and multi-channel services for clients in Retail, Financial Services and Logistics industries. Additionally, Bluenet provides staffing, end-to-end project delivery, and managed services capabilities to their clients. The firm is headquartered in Tampa, FL and has an offshore center in Izmir, Turkey that is leveraged to stay competitive in the market place, where it provides 24/7 mission critical system monitoring and custom development activities to customers.

Aréte Consulting Services, founded in 2008, specializes in Data Management, including Data Governance, Business Intelligence and Big Data. The firm also has a mature and established Testing Practice. Additionally, Aréte provides technology services that leverage innovative capabilities in performance management, robotics and artificial intelligence. They are headquartered in Chicago, IL and have offshore centers in Vijayawada and Hyderabad, India. They operate primarily in the Healthcare and Financial Services industries.

The combined organization will operate as Bluenet. and will be headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Praveen Ramineni, President and CEO of Aréte Consulting Services says, “I am so excited about our combined client portfolio and our ability to provide broader capabilities to our clients and prospects.” With the merger, Bluenet will have the ability to provide more extensive and diverse industry capabilities to existing clients and prospects. The firm can now offer more comprehensive services leveraging its offshore development centers. Kerem Koca, Managing Partner at Bluenet Technologies, states, “Our merger with Aréte now positions us to scale our data, analytics and new innovative technology services.”

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