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Opening Cognos Analysis Studio in Cognos Analytics 11

Jason Clements
Written by Jason Clements
Cognos Query and Analysis Studio Reporting is aimed at the business user and provide the knowledge required to build ad hoc reports. Generally the sweet spot for Analysis Studio is in performing ad-hoc analysis – slicing and dicing, drilling down/up etc. Query Studio and Analysis Studio, both first introduced with IBM Cognos 8 in 2005 are being deprecated. Just as the Wikipedia definition describes, these two studios will not be developed any further. IBM’s line of reasoning is that users sometimes complained that they were confused as to which studio to use. Cognos has always been about self-service, but recently the line between ad-hoc query and analysis has gotten thinner. In other words, end-users don’t really care about whether the data is structured in a cube or in a database. Cubes are just another data source. Although IBM have announced plans to deprecate Query Studio and Analysis Studio, they are both still in the Cognos Analytics 11.

Access these task in Cognos Analytics 11 requires Internet Explorer

You can access the following applications if you have the required capabilities and if the applications are enabled during installation:

  • Cognos Analysis Studio
  • Cognos Query Studio
  • Cognos Event Studio
  • Cognos Workspace
  • Drill-through definitions
  • My Inbox
  • My Watch Items
  • Create new jobs


  1. To see My Inbox and My Watch Items, in the Welcome portal, tap your user name.
  2. To see Create new job, in the Welcome portal navigation bar, tap Manage.
  3. To see all other companion applications, in the Welcome portal navigation bar, tap New icon, then Other.
  4. Tap the companion application that you want.


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Jason Clements

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