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Time Travel in Cognos – Enabling Cognos 10 Portal in Cognos Analytics 11

Sukru Tutak
Written by Sukru Tutak

As we all know, Cognos 11 Analytics UI has changed dramatically from Cognos 10. In many ways, this is a change in a good direction. However, there are some nice and usable features that we had in Cognos 10 UI, and no longer available in Cognos 11. One of them is the capability of retrieving the URL of a report. The URL of the report can bu useful in many ways including being able to run the report from a browser directly, using some parameters passed in the URL.

To my surprise, I found out a way of enabling the old portal UI in Cognos Analytics. This method works for 11.0.4, and in Chrome however there is no guarantee that IBM will not remove this back door in the new releases. So, for now, let’s enjoy it.

The steps are simple, however you need to be an administrator to perform. First you need to go to the administration area, which still is Cognos 10 version even in Cognos 11. In administration, click on System from the left menu and “Set properties” option from the drop down next to the System.


Once you are in the settings, click on Set next to the advanced settings and insert a parameter called “portal.disablecc” with a value of “false” Make sure they are lowercase and no quotes around.

Step2 Step3

Once you click OK and get out of the settings, restart your Cognos environment and open in a Chrome Web Browser the URL for the old portal, which is :




Once you are in the old portal, you can get the URL of the report from the report properties like we were able to do it before. I hope IBM does bring this functionality to the new UI and we don’t have to find a way around any more.



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