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Jason Clements
Written by Jason Clements

Have you ever need to display the Cubes last data updated? Well there is a way to do that. Add a Layout calculation within the report and use the report function to get this information. I have tested it with IBM PowerCubes and Microsoft SSAS Cubes.

The report function is called CubeDataUpdatedOn ( dimension )

Returns the date time that data in the cube was last updated. “Dimension” specifies from which cube to retrieve the metadata.


  1. From the Toolbox tab rs_tlbx_tab, drag Layout Calculation to the report.
  2. In the Available Components box, define the calculation:
  • To add functions, summaries, and operators, on the functions tab rs_functions_tab, double-click elements.

3. Click the validate button rs_vldte_fltr.


  • You can also type the calculation directly in the Expression Definition box.
  • You can also add a text box to describe what you are displaying. See example below.





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Jason Clements

Jason Clements

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