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Cognos 10.2.2 for Microsoft Office 2016

Jason Clements
Written by Jason Clements

“IBM Cognos for MS Office” provides an integrated environment for IBM Cognos products and MS Office and it’s free if you are licensed for IBM Cognos BI. You can use Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel (CAFE) to select pieces of reports to embed in MS Excel workbooks, MS Word documents, or MS PowerPoint presentations, including data, metadata, headers, footers, and charts.

The tool has to be downloaded from ibm passport advantage and you need to look for and download. There is a MS Office plugin (32bit) and MS Office plugin (64bit) review your existing Office Product before downloading. anl_ms_xls_32b_10.2.2_win_ml.tar.gz and anl_ms_xls_64b_10.2.2_win_ml.tar.gz Instruction how to install the tool from my personal blog.


In November  2016 IBM Released Cognos for Microsoft Office 10.2.2 Interim Fix 1 includes Microsoft Office 2016 support (in addition to previously supported Microsoft office 2013 and 2010) and should be applied to all installations of Microsoft Office 2016 at your earliest convenience.

The build number for the files that implement this Interim Fix are 10.2.5200.1040 on the platforms listed in the Download section. coc_win32_10.2.5200.1040_ml.tar.gz

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